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Can Query Builder Join Tables Sequentially?

Is it possible to join tables sequentially rather than having to join all secondary tables to the primary table (but not secondary tables to each other)?

For example join table 1 and 2. Then join table 3 to table 2 (so indirectly joined with table 1 but the join column for table 3 is only common with a column in table 2. Likewise table 1 and table 2 share a column but table 1 and table 3 don't share the same column).


I assume this could be done with the SQL code but just curious if there was a quick point and click method?


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Re: Can Query Builder Join Tables Sequentially?

Hi @bittnere,

Yes you can do this with JMP Query Builder.

After you select your primary and secondary tables you can right-click on the join and edit as needed.

Select a secondary table and right-click and select Edit Join as shown in the attached.



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