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Can Journal outputs maintain connection to data table?

I use journals a lot as repositories for charts that logically go together. A group of charts on with different views on a single aspect off performance data would get grouped into a single journal and that has been working out well.

But lately I've run into situations where I'd like to be able to open the journal, click a data point and hide/exclude that data point. I've seen a reference to the idea that you can set up your journal to be "active" (which I suppose means that I could do what I want to do if they were active). But I could not find out how to do that in any of the documentation or online.

Is there a way to set up the journals with this capability?

Or is there some other output format that would be better suited to this purpose? I am not at all concerned about file size, only that the charts can be grouped together logically. If there is some other output format that allows me to keep the charts live (with respect to being able to select data etc.... from the chart itself) I don't mind switching to the other format for output, even if the file size is larger. 




Re: Can Journal outputs maintain connection to data table?

You can create a live report with multiple charts using the "Combine Windows" feature. See this thread for more details:



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