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Apr 2, 2015

Can I constrain the JMP Fit Life by X platform?

Can I constrain the JMP Fit Life by X platform so that when doing a Linear fit, my Beta is calculated using the the separate location method, and not the regression method?  I am running a script where I calculate extrapolated lifetimes from reliability experiments, and in the typical analysis, one finds the Weibull Alpha for the multiple stress conditions, then one plots those on semi-log plot to extrapolate back to working conditions.  Obviously the Linear fit option in the Fit Life by X does this in one step, shows the distribution outline, and allows me to easily plot  T63, T0.001, and a 5ppm cumulative failure trend on the same plot.  The physical model is best fit with a single beta ( if the beta is different, then I over-stressed the part and changed the physics  of failure).  I find that the regression calculated Beta shows a worse Cox plot fit, and I want to use the Seperate Location algorithm that JMP has to do this fit, without needing to script it all myself.  I use JMP10.2.  Any help is appreciated.  --Matt