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May 8, 2012

Can I Join Database table with a open table

I want extract data from database, however only for the cases present in my table. This list is few hundred thousands and hence not feasible to use the where statement. I was wondering if it is possible to join an open table with a database table? I have JMP 11, and able to run Join scripts with in the database. Any guidance will be helpful Thank you Gowri




Jun 23, 2011

Re: Can I Join Database table with a open table

I'm not sure I have understood, but I assume you have a 'tall and thin' table already in JMP (Table 1) that you would like to join with a table in your database (Table 2). But you do not have sufficient resources locally to import Table 2 and then do the join in JMP.

If that's the scenario you could save Table 1 back to the database, write SQL to do the join there how you want, then bring the result back to JMP. Alternatively (knowing the primary key in Table 1), you could embed SQL in JSL to retrieve just the matching rows from Table 2 to JMP (making Table 2A), then ask JMP to join Table 1 and Table 2A.

For details, look at: Some knowledge of SQL will be required.