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Jun 23, 2011

Call for Ideas about a New Course of Study: Advanced Scripting

JMP Training has begun to work towards a new course of study about advanced scripting methods. This effort is not a formal project yet but we hope to move to that stage soon. We intended to offer this course at the JMP Discovery Summit in September, 2015. Your help will get us there that much quicker!

Where does this course fit in to our curriculum? We are not sure yet because we don’t have any details yet. Here is the current curriculum that applies:

  • Data Exploration (current edition based on JMP 11): scripting JMP relies on knowledge about JMP – what is available and how it
  • Instant Applications Using the JMP Application Builder (half a day, based on JMP 10): intended to help JMP users make instant applications, which require no JSL knowledge.
  • Beginner Scripting Workshop (half a day, based on JMP 6, currently retired): this workshop helped people with a need to move beyond simply saving scripts but without the need or the time to learn JSL to a deeper level.
  • Introduction to the JMP Scripting Language (two days, based on JMP 11): this course is supposed to provide the 'critical mass' of JSL knowledge and script editor and debugger skills to be able to write significant scripts.
  • Application Development Using the JMP Application Builder (two days, based on JMP 10): case study approach (dashboard) to learn the JMP Application Builder as the next step beyond the script editor and debugger.

So, what should a new course about advanced scripting cover? The proverbial ‘blank page’ is frightening to any author especially when the topic is so broad. Here are some questions that are honestly not intended to steer you in any particular direction but merely get the ‘creative juices’ flowing. We are looking for ideas about JSL knowledge or techniques rather than specific analyses or plots.

  • A series of independent modules about advanced language features or scripting techniques
  • A case study approach requiring advanced language features or scripting techniques
  • Advanced data structures
  • Advanced database processing
  • File handling techniques
  • Advanced text processing techniques
  • Advanced numerical processing, user functions, and matrix techniques (vectorizing expressions)
  • Advanced graphics either by extending JMP plots or by making new plots ‘from scratch.’
  • Advanced dialog techniques
  • Build a custom analytical and graphical platform
  • Interface JMP to other software such as SAS, R, and MATLAB.
  • Interface JMP to your espresso machine to make custom lattes. (Okay, maybe the creative juices got a bit carried away…)

Seriously, this brainstorming could go on forever! It should certainly go on a bit longer, with your help and ideas.

So, please send us your ideas, however large or small, about what you think this new course should be. Thank you very much for your help!

Learn it once, use it forever!

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Feb 27, 2013

Re: Call for Ideas about a New Course of Study: Advanced Scripting

Brady Brady offered two Advanced Scripting Webcasts as part of the Advanced Mastering webcast series.  6 videos from those webcasts are available.  Comments on value of these topics anyone?

Part 1: Covers Comparing Script Methods and Scripting Data Tables, Scripting Cell Properties, Lists and Matrices, and Scripting Associative Arrays

Part 2: Covers Understanding JMP Dialogs and Reports, Designing User Input Options and Building Boxes, and Customizing and Automating Reports