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Calculating state and school holidays (unique values)?

Hi Everyone,


I am just learning how to use JMP and I have an assignment where I am analyzing store data for 137 different stores from 2013-2015. Each store is opened a different number of days in the year, but all stores have the same holidays (school and state) when they are closed.


I need to perform a basic graph/analysis showing the number of unique holidays in a year. The School Holidays are either 0 or 1 ( 1 means holiday) or State HOlidays ( a-easter- ,b - thanksgiving ,c-christmas, and 0 - no holiday)


How would I go about this?


Thank you,


Super User

Re: Calculating state and school holidays (unique values)?

It sounds like you are asking 2 question.

  1. What is the best way to analyze/graph my data to get the answers you want?
  2. How do I get JMP to perform the analyses and create the graphics you want?

I would be of great help, if you could supply more information on the first question.  You are the knowledge expert for your data.  It is pretty tough for the general community to provide what is the best way to display your information.

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