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Bug in Control Chart Builder when copying chart into Word


Community Trekker


Mar 28, 2013

I found a slight glitch when copying a JMP chart into a Word document for a review. Did anybody else come across this also? Any bug fixes for that?

I’m preparing an analysis of variability of a measurement for different suppliers, and use the Control Chart Builder to show the averages of each lot for various suppliers as the Control Chart “Phase”. The graph in JMP look like this (screenshot): Notice the “Supplier Name” header and each name = phase spelled out on top of the chart.


However, when I select the graph with the cross-tool  and copy it into a Word file for the report, I get the graph below – without the header for “Supplier Name” header and each name = phase spelled out on top of the chart:


I can supply the data file if needed.

I'm using JMP 10.0.2 on a PC running Windows 7 64-bit


Community Trekker


Mar 6, 2013

I can duplicate what you're seeing. Often, similar issues can be solved by using Paste Special and picking a different graphics format.  But not in this case - nothing worked.

So - as a workaround, using the Windows screen clipping function.  Bring the JMP control chart window to the foreground (so you can see it), then press the Windows-S key combination -- your entire screen will have a white haze put over it.  Drag your mouse to select the area of the screen to copy. Windows will put the captured image on the clipboard. Then paste into Word. The "Windows" key is the one with the Windows logo on it - looks like a flag, separated into 4 parts.