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Bug: Cannot re-assign or remove default keyboard shortcut (specifically, file->save)

I am using JMP 14.3.0 on Windows 10.  

I am unable to remove the keyboard shortcut for file-save (CTRL-S).  When I remove the keyboard shortcut via View-Customize->Menus and Toolbars->File->Save, the keyboard shortcut still works.  When I re-assign CTRL-S to a different command, it does not run the command I reassigned it to, and instead still just does File->Save.

I was able to remove the shortcut for File-Save in JMP 13.  So, it appears that this feature was broken in going from JMP 13 to JMP 14.  I have not checked if other default keyboard shortcuts are also afflicted with the problem.


I have restarted JMP, and even after I restart JMP, the new keyboard short cut does not take.

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