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Bivariate() *Refuses* to Graph in the Window I Specify

I have the following code:


datPath = "\\directory\goHere\AnotherFolder\Config\Data\";

Try( Close( dat, NoSave));

dat = Open(datPath || "MasterLotYield2.csv", invisible);

minDate = Date MDY( 12,20,2015 );

maxDate = Today();

Yld = V List Box(

  gr1 = Graph Box( "Yield", Bivariate(

  Y( :Yield ),

  X( :Sys_outdate ),

  XScale( minDate, MaxDate ),


  Dispatch({}, "1", ScaleBox,

  {Min( ), Max( ), Interval( "Day" ), Inc( 1 ),

  Minor Ticks( 0 ), Show Major Grid( 1 ), Show Minor Grid ( 1 ),

  Rotated Labels( 1 )}




  H List Box(Slider Box(Date MDY( 12, 1, 2015 ), maxDate, minDate, gr1<<reshow), Text Box("Min Date")),

  H List Box(Slider Box(minDate, Today(), maxDate, gr1<<reshow), Text Box("Max Date")),


New Window("Look", Yld );


Regardless of what I do, the code above gives me a BLANK new window titled "Look" and then plots 4 separate bivariate plots, each in their own window. What's more, every time the "Look" window is touched or moved, yet another bivariate plot appears in yet another window. How on Earth do I get my ONE bivariate plot into the window titled, "Look"????

I swear, JSL makes me want to jump into a blender.


Re: Bivariate() *Refuses* to Graph in the Window I Specify

You don't need the 'GraphBox()', since 'Bivariate()' will already do this work for you.

Try the equivalent of this:


dt = Open("$SAMPLE_DATA/Big Class.jmp");

yld = Expr(dt << Bivariate(X(:height), Y(:weight)));

win = NewWindow("Look", yld);

In the third line, the 'Expr()' postpones evaluation, preventing the generation of the report until you are ready (in the next line). You can change the name of the outline node of 'Bivariate()' to be 'Yield', if you wish.

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