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Beginners question - Boxplots for data in several columns

Hi there!

I just started using using JMP because I need to do some Boxplots for a paper.
The problem is, I can´t find a way to make JMP produce a graph with a Boxplot for each column of my table. The column should be the attribute by which the program divides the data into the different Boxplots.

I hope you get what I mean, expressing this in english is not as easy as I thought ;)

As I said, I´m just a beginner so a step by step solution would be really cool. Or is there by any chance an IRC Channel or something similar where one can discuss problems/questions?

Thanks in advance,

Super User


Jun 23, 2011

The easiest way would be to stack the columns first. Choose "Stack" from the Tables menu and select the columns that you want in the boxplot and click "Stack Columns". The output table will include a column with labels (the original column names) and a column with corresponding data. Now you're set for a boxplot.

A script to do both the Stack and Plot would look something like this:

Thanks I´ll give that a try :)