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Jul 30, 2012

Batch replacement of data across multiple files

Apologies if this is not the correct forum for this question but I would appreciate advice on what I think will be a very simple question

I have several hundred files of comma-delimited data (.txt), each containing ~180,000 rows and ~15 columns. For each file, I need to replace the contents of columns 7 and 8, from row 11 onwards, with new values. The values that are currently in those locations are the same in each of the existing files. Similarly, the new values that need to replace them are also identical for each file. Essentially, therefore, it is just a copy and paste exercise.

For individual files I could just use the 'update' option to write over the old data with the new. My question is, is there a simple means in JMP that would allow me to achieve this on multiple files on a batch basis, and if so, where I could find some guidance on how to do this? I know very little about scripting.

I am running JMP 10.0.0 (64-bit edition) on MAC OS 10.7.4. Thanks in advance for any support.