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Aug 19, 2015

Background map by region challenge

Hey Gang,

I'm putting together a Bubble chart showing sales volume by store where I've got the Sales in Bin sizes ($1-250k, $251k-$500k,etc.) but my client wants the map to be by region (North, East, East, South) rather than an entire map of the US. The finished product should have a Bubble Chart with size and colors based on Sales Bin over a map of the US but the regions need to be separated and with a different background shade.

I'm using the Graph/Bubble Plot with Latitude/Longitude for Y and X Axis, Sales Bin in Color and Size, Store Name in Id, and with NASA background map which looks the cleanest (don't want streets or terrestrial features). But I get states I don't need on the periphery and my only solution is to put them in MS Paint and manually try to erase/alter those extra states...which is a pain.

The other challenge is that some of the regions are across state boundaries (parts of Texas are in the South, other part West) so my background map needs to cut across some states.

New JMP user. Love the product and look forward to any ideas offered by the community.




Super User


Jun 23, 2011

Re: Background map by region challenge

I would use a custom vector based map made from a shape file. In addition to providing a clean and resolution-independent background map, shape files support the map role in Graph Builder (enabling shading of polygons by a variable etc.).

Try to download a shape file from here: Cartographic Boundary Shapefiles - Regions - Geography - U.S. Census Bureau; and use this add-in: ESRI to JMP Map Converter to convert the shape file to a JMP map. 

Using those regions as a Map Role can look like below (if desired Alaska and Hawaii could be hidden by resetting the axes, or deleted entirely from the map data tables with some effort). Make sure the coordinate system of your shape file match your data. Then points (or "bubbles") of different color/size could easily be added within graph builder.

The regions may not match your regions (there appears to be several definitions of US regions in use) but you may get the idea from this example. And you will most likely find great blog posts or other supporting material on how to make custom maps on the JMP web site.