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Autopopulate Columns from other Column Data

Hello All,

     I have been tinkering around with JMP for a couple months and garnering what info I can from our statisticians JMP files, but i ran into a dilemma.  I have tables of data which is udated about once a week with similar data, in a continous stability fashion.  I was wonderinf if there was a way to set some columns to recognize features from the new columns and autopopulate the similar data from previous columns.

     So, I have a column for ID and then initial 1 and initial 2 values.  Each ID (i have 12 of them) has its own specific initial 1 and initial 2 values that do not change throughout the course of the stability.  I was wondering if there was a way to have the initial columns autopopulate their values when i add data to the table.  So i add ID #2 data.  Is there a way to have the column see that and pull from previous ID #2 data and put the corresponding Initial values into the two columns?  I am trying to not have to constantly add the initial values for each ID as I add data every week.  I am sorry that this explanation is kind of messy.  Things always sound better and more coherent in my head.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Autopopulate Columns from other Column Data

One way would be to use a column formula in each initial value column.

If the ID column is called "ID" the Match() function below returns a value for each row depending on the ID. Note the syntax with alternating ID values (as strings if ID is a character column) and corresponding initial values. The optional last value can be used as an error check, i.e. to highlight if a faulty ID was entered.

Example (expand to all 12 ID's and and insert preferred initial values):

Match( :ID, "ID #1", 2, "ID #2", 5, ..., ID #12, 4.2, 999)

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