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Attaching through JSL to a DOE object already created


In a previous thread, I got (thanks xan) a good tip to access a report parameter using this code:

display=obj<min runs = display["Design Generation"][number col box(1)][1];

This works great, but in my case I'm not creating the DOE object from JSL, but from another application that does it through COM.

How can I "attach" obj to the DOE that has already been created, rather than instantiating a new DOE? Is that possible with JSL? Trough COM I have the option of doing this kind of call once the JSL parameters are ready to be read:

jmp.RunCommand("JSL statement");

So it is just the right JSL statement to attach to the already existing DOE what I'm missing.

Sorry, this may be a naive question for JSL developers, but I'm not an expert on this.



Re: Attaching through JSL to a DOE object already created

Ok, I think I can answer myself and leave this here just in case it's useful to someone else.

This JSL does the trick:

obj=Window("DOE- Custom Design");
min runs = obj["Design Generation"][number col box(1)][1];