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Are there options in jmp graph to show stepped limit


Community Trekker


Jun 22, 2015

I would like to show Stepped limit in JMP for X-Y graph showing limits based on range of X Values and allowed Y values.


Efficiency (%) 90 if power is between 10W-12W

Efficiency (%) 93 if power is between 12W-15W

Efficiency (%) 97 if power is between 15W-17W


Community Trekker


Sep 19, 2014

Two possible approaches come to mind...

1. Create a stepped function using the Overlay Plot.

Create a data table with columns for Power and Efficiency. To replicate my results, run the following script:

New Table( "Example",

  Add Rows( 4 ),

  New Column( "Power", Numeric, "Continuous",

       Set Property( "Units", "W" ),

       Set Values( [10, 12, 15, 17] )


  New Column( "Efficiency", Numeric, "Continuous",

       Set Property( "Units", "%" ),

       Set Values( [90, 93, 97, 97] )



Then create an overlay plot (Graph > Overlay) where Y is Efficiency and X is Power. Finally, click on the red triangle and select Y Options > Step.

9078_Overlay Plot.jpg

2. Add a function to an existing graph.

If you already have a graph (such as a Bivariate / Fit Y by X graph) containing data, right-click on the graph and select Customize.

In the Customize Graph window, click on the "+" button and paste the following script.

Y Function(


       10 < x <= 12, 90,

       12 < x <= 15, 93,

       15 < x <= 17, 97,





Then click OK.The function should be overlaid on the graph. Adjust axes if necessary.

9079_Fit Y by X.jpg