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Applying Discriminant model to another data set



I took a subset of my data (table, subset) to do a specific cross validation check and ran an discriminant analysis that provided pretty good results.

I want to use that same model calculation to calculate on the full data model.


I used "Score options" -> "Make scoring script"

I then ran that script against the original data set. However, some of the results that were predicted to be "BAD" in the subset were not declared bad in the full data set. 

It would appear to me it is re-running the model analysis, not applying the previous model output to calculate distances from center for all data points. It dumped columns into the full dataset instead of recreating the model dialogue.


How do I get it calculate the results from the subset of the data to the full data set?


Re: Applying Discriminant model to another data set

I would use the Save Formulas option. Two sets of formulas are saved along with the predicted class, which is based on them. It uses the same model as the one you selected in the platform.

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