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Anyone having these problems....

EVERY time I try to log in to this forum, I keep getting "SSO Error" and have to attempt up to four time to get logged in.  What's up with that?

In the Scatterplot 3D platform, when I try to used the Lasso function, I get the Brush instead.  When I try Brush, I do get Brush, but I want Lasso!  Is there a bug?


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Re: Anyone having these problems....

Hi smoore2,

I'm really sorry that you're having difficulty logging in. I know that's frustrating.

We're investigating to see if we can figure out exactly why the SSO error is happening, but I have some suggestions to try when it does happen.

  1. Be careful not to click the "Sign in" button twice. We're pretty sure that will cause the problem.
  2. Click the "Try Again" link on the SSO error page.
  3. Clear your browser cache, close the browser and reopen it and sign in to the community.

To everyone else, if you're experiencing these SSO errors frequently, please reply to this thread, so we can understand how widespread this problem is.


Jeff Perkinson

JMP User Community Manager


PS: As you've discovered the Lasso tool doesn't work with Scatterplot 3D. The 3D system we use doesn't have the tools we would need to make the lasso behave meaningfully. So, we chose to make the lasso tool give you the brush in an effort to be helpful but perhaps that more confusing than helpful.

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