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Jun 23, 2011

Anyone have BodyMedia or MyFitnessPal data?

My Discovery project involved importing a bunch of monthly report files of food log and activity data from BodyMedia and I've now written an add-in (under review) that works in JMP 11 and JMP 12 EA to import those files.  It also has a bonus add-in that lets you import CSV files from the free MyFitnessPal food logging website that have been exported via a free Chrome extension called My Fitness Pal Data Downloader.

If you use other self-tracking websites with different activity or food log data formats, let me know.  I'd be willing to adapt the add-in to import other data types so you too can import your own quantified self data and create cool JMP graphs to visualize it!  To see how the graph below was created in Graph Builder, check out Xan Gregg's Discovery 2014 presentation recording here. xan@jmp

7446_Weight and calorie trends.png