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Any way to collectively manipulate 3D scatterplots?

When using the "wrap" function on a regular 2D scatterplot, it is easy to scale all of the graphs simultaneously by dragging the axes. However, when using a 3D scatterplot and splitting them with the "by" function, is there a way to do the same, where by changing the scale of one graph it changes the scale of all the 3D scatterplots? I would also like it if by rotating the viewing angle on one graph, it rotates the viewing angle in the same way for all the graphs.

Is this possible in JMP?

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Re: Any way to collectively manipulate 3D scatterplots?

3D Scatter Plots do not support the CNTL/option feature.  They are also very limited in what abilities they make available to scripting.  However, Surface Plots,which can be viewed without the surface and just the points, are an enhancement off of the 3D Scatter Plot are more capable.  While they still do not provide the CNTL type of options to the interactive user, they do make available much of the manipulations to scripting.  One could build a script that could have a slider object or something similar that when moved, would rotate all of the graphs, or other such requirements.


     Help==>Scripting Index==>Surface Plot

to find all of the various manipulations available via JSL for the surface plot.

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