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Annotation help in JMP 9

I've read through some past issues of the Annotation tool, and everything referred to an older version of JMP and specified these issues would be fixed in JMP 9.  I'm still experiencing problems with the tool and need some help.

Everytime I resize an annotation box to my desired size when I save/embed the graph & data table upon reopening the graph, the annotation box changes size.  I would understand it doing this if no text was entered in the box - but I have text/bullet points as a list of notes in the annotation box and when the graph reopens the annotation box has resized itself to a smaller size and I have to keep resizing the box to fit around the text inside.

It doesn't matter if the box is on or outside of the graph, it doesn't stay the size I specify.  Also, when copying a graph over to another program (power point/word), the annotation box doesn't copy over.  When I open a journal of the report, the annotation box still does not show up - it disappears (actually, I have one box that shows up and one that disappears when opening a journal).

Is there a way to fix this issue?



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