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Analyze > Modeling > Nonlinear - Model Library Won't Open


Community Member


May 16, 2018

I am having difficulty opening the nonlinear model library. When I open nonlinear dialog window and click the button labeled "Model Library", nothing happens. Opening the jmp log, I find that upon clicking the button, the script invocation generates the error:

ERROR: Unrecognized boolean value in access or evaluation of 'true' , true/*###*


I copied the code from the log file into a new temporary script so I could run the debugger, and I found that it is complaining about the first line:

Names Default To Here( true );

By changing this line to:

Names Default To Here( 1 );

And running my script (again, copied from the log file) from ../Resources/Builtins I can run my hacked nonlinear analysis window manually with broken/default button text. Surely there is a root cause and real fix to this problem though. Can anyone help pinpoint what it could be?


I am running JMP Pro 12.2.0 (x64) on Windows 8.1 Enterprise (x64)