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Alignment in journal

Hi all,

I have a problem to make horisontal alignment of few graphs (GraphBuilder type).
The graphs are displayed correctly when I directly sending then to journal with <<. Nevertheless, they are displayed without axes and with wrong size when I insert them into H List Box block, as following:
gb_IV = Graph Builder(..........);
gb_loss = Graph Builder(..........);

Hblock=New Window("", Hlistbox(rep1[0],rep2[0]) );
It displays graphs also correctly (with axes and labels) if I send the graphs to journal before Hlistbox.
For example, for the case below the graph rep1[0] is displayed correctly (but two times), and the graph rep2[0] without axes and :

rep1[0]<Hblock=New Window("", Hlistbox(rep1[0],rep2[0]) );
Please help if you know how to solve the problem.
Thank you in advance.
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