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Mar 24, 2015

Aggregating areas in predefined JMP maps (JMP 12)

I need help aggregating areas in a predefined map in JMP 12.  My data is organized by US County (FIPS) and each county is defined as being in a US region. For example, Oconee County, SC is listed as being in the "Southeast" region.  I've managed to make a map of my data using a predefined map file in JMP called "Us-County-Name". This was easy to do because the JMP file has the xy coordinates of each FIPS and each of my observations have a FIPS code. Currently, the map boundaries are at the county level. I'd like to aggregate the counties into regions, the regions defined in my data set. Thanks for your help!




Jun 23, 2011

Re: Aggregating areas in predefined JMP maps (JMP 12)

I saw your blog comment and posted the Combine Shapes add-in that was missing before. It's at Combine Map Shapes in the File Exchange.