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Aggregating areas in predefined JMP maps (JMP 12)

I need help aggregating areas in a predefined map in JMP 12.  My data is organized by US County (FIPS) and each county is defined as being in a US region. For example, Oconee County, SC is listed as being in the "Southeast" region.  I've managed to make a map of my data using a predefined map file in JMP called "Us-County-Name". This was easy to do because the JMP file has the xy coordinates of each FIPS and each of my observations have a FIPS code. Currently, the map boundaries are at the county level. I'd like to aggregate the counties into regions, the regions defined in my data set. Thanks for your help!

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Re: Aggregating areas in predefined JMP maps (JMP 12)

I saw your blog comment and posted the Combine Shapes add-in that was missing before. It's at Combine Map Shapes in the File Exchange.