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Adding script window to Project


Currently in JMP 8, using script, i am able to add data tables to Project without any issue using the command:

EXPJ = New Project( "New Project");

dts = data table("MyData");

EXPJ = add window(dts);

However, i am having trouble to add a Script window to the project. By just dragging the script window to the project it works. I could save the project with a script (.jsl file) attached. But i could not attach it using script itself just like the data tables.

This code does not work:

EXPJ = New Project( "New Project");

dts = window("MyJSL");

EXPJ = add window(dts);

How could i do this? Please help.

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Re: Adding script window to Project

As you observed, adding the result from Window() doesn't seem to get the right object to add to a project.

This is working for me if you are able to pass the window title to the << Add Window message.

EXPJ = New Project( "New Project ");

EXPJ << Add Window("MyJSL");

Hope this helps,


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