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Adding filters to existing Data Filter object


I want to create a script that will do the following:
1) create a data filter to include and show certain rows
2) create a Bivariate chart with histogram borders
3) add additional conditions to my existing data filter so that certain data points, previously ommited in the chart, show up without affecting histogram borders.

I have successfully achieved all steps using the mouse/ GUI menu options, but for some reason I can only replicate parts 1 and 2 with script. I simply cannot figure out how to add (or modify) conditions to the existing filter object.

If I use:

Re: Adding filters to existing Data Filter object

Why is my post getting truncated? I want to post the whole thing!!!! How do I get the post to show entirely, help please!!!

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Re: Adding filters to existing Data Filter object

Here's a useful posting:䝸

The basic method is to enclose your code in HTML comment delimiters:

Look at the link for more information.
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