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Adding Multiple spec limits to a control chart


I am writing a script to add multiple sets of specification limits to a control chart (in phases).  The script is below – I have only figured out how to do this by editing the script each time to the appropriate spec limit values, but is there a way for the user to load this as a separate Excel file instead of having to edit the script?  I have not found any examples on the user forum but if you have an example script, that would be great!

column("Phase") << data type(Character, Nominal);

FinalDataSet << Control Chart(Phase( :Phase ), Sample Label( :DOM ), KSigma( 3 ),Chart Col(:VALUE, Levey Jennings(

Phase Level(“1”, Sigma(.1), Avg(10),LCL(5),UCL(15)), Phase Level(“2”, Sigma(.2), Avg(11),LCL(6),UCL(16)),Phase Level(“3”, Sigma(.3), Avg(12),LCL(7),UCL(17)),Test 2( 1 ), Test 3( 1 ), Test Beyond Limits( 1 )




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Re: Adding Multiple spec limits to a control chart

Hi Kelly,

It's not clear what you're looking for.

There's no built-in option to get limits from another data table. However, you could write JSL to prompt the user for a data table with limits in it and then apply those limits to the data table yourself.

Can you describe exactly what you'd like the user of your script to see?



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