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Activate different windows

I regularly work with Cpk reports which include SPC/FAI dimensions and spec limits.  To analyze the distributions I import the data and spec limits into JMP and graph the distributions using the Analyze - Quality & Process - Capability function.

Sometimes, though, there are SPC dimensions that are not measured and these cells are left blank.  But when I want to save the spec limits to the data table, JMP doesn't allow me because those cells are empty.

I want to write a script that has an 'if else' statement that parses through all the FAI/SPC columns and detects whether the cells are populated are not.

The problem:

There are two windows (spec limits, data).  I would like to know how to activate one window over the other.  How do I do this?  And in the case this is not necessary, I would still like to learn because I would like to automate the process of importing and analyzing my Cpk reports, which requires activating one window over the other anyway.

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Re: Activate different windows


To access a table assign it a reference.

For example, to open the Big Class data table and assign it to the variable cpk_dt

cpk_dt = Open( "$Sample_Data/Big" );

// Once you have a reference to the table you can run an analysis

// For example, to run a distribution analysis against the cpk_dt table

cpk_dt << Distribution(

  Continuous Distribution(

  Column( :height )



// Or select some rows in the cpk_dt

cpk_dt << Select Where(:height >= 65);

// Even delete the selected rows

cpk_dt << Delete Rows;

// Or select some rows by the row number

speclimit_dt = Open( "$Sample_Data/Quality Control/" );

speclimit_dt << Select Rows( [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9] );

speclimit_dt << Delete Rows;