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Accessing table of prediction data

Hi All,

I apologize for a newbie question. I am doing reliability anlysis using the degradation platform. In the formula, I can set the option to save the crossing time using the statement below (save crossing time option is highlighted in bold)


Y( :Power ),
Time( :Time ),
Label( :Device ),
X( :Temperature, :Current ),
Application( Repeated Measures Degradation ),
Connect Data Markers( 1 ),
Show Fitted Lines( 0 ),
Show Spec Limits( 1 ),
Show Median Curves( 0 ),
Show Legend( 0 ),
No Tab List( 0 ),
Set Upper Spec Limit( 1.1 ),
Set Lower Spec Limit( 0.63 ),
Set Censoring Time( CensorTime ),
Show Residual Plot( 1 ),
Show Inverse Prediction Plot( 1 ),
Inverse Prediction Interval( No Interval ),
Inverse Prediction Alpha( 0.05 ),

Save Crossing Time (1)




This works great, and opens a new table. But I can't seem to figure out how to access the table in JSL, it does not give a name to it. See the image of the table below.  it just shows as "-"


How can I access it so that rename and manipulate the table?






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Re: Accessing table of prediction data

This example is from JMP's scripting index:

Names Default To Here( 1 );
dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Reliability/Adhesive Bond.jmp" );
obj = dt << Degradation(
	Y( :Strength ),
	Time( :Weeks ),
	Label( :Degrees ),
	Model Report( Simple Linear Path( X Scale( Linear ), Y Scale( Linear ), Intercept( Common ), Slope( Different ) ) )
obj << Save Crossing Time;

change the last line so that you receive a table reference:

dt2 = obj << Save Crossing Time;

Now you can use this table reference to change the name etc.

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Re: Accessing table of prediction data

Thank you so much! that was exactly what I needed and helped me understand the JSL scripting much better!


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