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A Couple Of Tips Regarding Row State Column Use

As I struggle to learn more and use more JMP functions, I have learned a couple of things that I thought others would be interested in:

Tip 1:  Minimize your use of Row State Columns!  I know this sounds crazy, but here is my point.  If you have a data table that you update and/or just add more rows of data periodically, I find it easier to use the Local Data Filter.  It is quicker than setting up a Row State Column, AND when you add new rows of data, the filter will apply to the new rows as well.  A Row State Column will not do that.

Tip 2:  Often, I have many scripts saved to the Data Table for repeated use in generating charts that constantly need updating.  Sometimes I forget to clear the row states before running certain scripts that do not require any row states to be in place.  When this happens, the row states that are in place mess up the analysis.  What I do in this case is create a Row State Column called "Clear Row States" with no row states and then add the following lines at the top of the script:

Names Default to Here( 1 );

dt=current data table();

dt:“Clear Row States” << Copy to Row States();

This clears the row states before the analysis.  Of course, you can call the column whatever you like, but you have to have the name within the quotes above.

I hope this helps someone!

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