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3 factor 3 level half factorial DOE

I have to produce a model equation for a 3 factor 3 level half factorial in the form of y=B0+B1X1+B2X2+B3X3+B12X1X2+B13X1X3+B23X2X3+B123X1X2X3 using a 3 factor 3 level half factorial. I have never used JMP before but it is required for my class. I am not sure how to get the coefficients for my equation. I have found a lot of information about full factorials but not much for this. Do I use the discrete numeric, continuous, or categorical factors? Does the Taguchi design for work this method? 




Re: 3 factor 3 level half factorial DOE

Did you design the experiment witih JMP? If so, important and useful meta-data was generated along with the columns for the factors and response. If not, this analysis will still work.


Select Analyze > Fit Model. Enter the response data column in the Y role. Select all the factor data columns, click Macros, and select Full Factorial. (I am not sure if the half-fraction design will support estimating all these terms but give it a try.). Click Run.


See Help > Books > Design of Experiments and Fitting Linear Models for more details.

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