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2-way repeated measurements ANOVA


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Apr 10, 2015

Dear JMP users

I am new to JMP and I am working with JMP 11 (currently). Until now I haven't figured out how to perform a 2-way repeated measurements ANOVA in JMP. In addition, I sometimes use for these ANOVAs one covariate or an additional grouping factor. Is there some out there who could help me in this matter. These kinds of analyses are very important for me and thus help is very much appreciated.





Jul 10, 2014

Hi Lutz,

have you tried the sample data examples for ANOVA in JMP? Go to Help -> Sample Data, then ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE. There are examples for 2-way ANOVA as well MANOVA for multiple repeated measures.

In Addition in the help itself is an additional example "Repeated Measures Example" using the sample data "Cholesterol".

If that will not help enough, you might want to check out our YouTube channel JMPSoftwareFromSAS where you find Video tutorials as well for that topic. Last but not least you want to look at the learning library on our JMP website: Basic Inference - Proportions and Means | JMP Learning Library

There are one page guides and tutorials for several topics.

Finally we have a good friend in YouTube, ProfessorParris, who has plenty of nice Video tutorials which will help you get along with JMP. Here you go to some of those: ProfessorParris - YouTube

If you let us know where exactly you got stuck in the analysis, I believe you could get more specific answers. So far the above references should lead you the way already.

All the best, Martin  




Jun 25, 2014

Hi lutz.jaencke0,

Martin suggested some great resources to get you started (and I appreciate him mentioning my YouTube channel!). As he said, in JMP you can analyze repeated measures data in several different ways, and there is a good overview in the help documentation: 30584 - Analyzing Repeated Measures in JMP Software

I also work with repeated measures data often so I wrote an add-in to make it a bit easier for more complicated repeated measures models. Perhaps this will be helpful for you, too?

Full Factorial Repeated Measures ANOVA Add-In

I hope this helps!