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Level I

Using JMP(R) to Create a Self-Guided and Completely Contained Training Curriculum (2019-US-45MP-211)

Level: Intermediate


Jed Campbell, Quality Director, US Synthetic


I plan to present and share a self-contained add-in that is a 15-lesson statistical problem solving course. The add-in relies moderately on scripts to do tasks like

  • demonstrate concepts visually,
  • call up data tables from the add-in folder,
  • ensure that the user has the most up to date version of the add-in,
  • save extra files to the add-in,
  • and email the results of each session's homework. 

I will walk the audience through a simplified version of this add-in, and then show them how to build each of the concepts listed here. The entire presentation will use JMP. I'm not an expert scripter, so I'll approach this from the perspective of a learner, sharing lessons I've learned along the way.