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Building Dashboards in JMP(R) (2019-US-TUT-246)

Level: Intermediate


Dan Schikore, JMP Principal Software Developer, SAS


JMP platforms are often used in combination with one another to help guide a workflow or to provide complementary analysis and visualization of the data. The JMP Dashboard Builder can help you organize multiple reports in a single window and reproduce the set of reports using the same data table or a new table. Dashboard layout can be done automatically or through interactive drag-and-drop operations, and one report can optionally be used to filter others in the dashboard. Dashboards can be saved to a JMP data table to reproduce the reports with the same table, or they can be saved to an add-in to share the dashboard with colleagues and reproduce the same report on different data tables. When dashboards depend on the results of database queries, you have the choice to re-run the query each time, or to use a saved copy of the query. Dashboard results can also be saved to JMP Public or a private JMP Live server to share interactive reports with others via the web.