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Recent Developments in JMP(R) Quality and SPC (2020-EU-45MP-306)

Level: Intermediate


Laura Lancaster, JMP Principal Research Statistician Developer, SAS
Jianfeng Ding, JMP Senior Research Statistician Developer, SAS
Annie Zangi, JMP Senior Research Statistician Developer, SAS


JMP has several new quality platforms and features – modernized process capability in Distribution, CUSUM Control Chart and Model Driven Multivariate Control Chart – that make quality analysis easier and more effective than ever. The long-standing Distribution platform has been updated for JMP 15 with a more modern and feature-rich process capability report that now matches the capability reports in Process Capability and Control Chart Builder. We will demonstrate how the new process capability features in Distribution make capability analysis easier with an integrated process improvement approach. The CUSUM Control Chart platform was designed to help users detect small shifts in their process over time, such as gradual drift, where Shewhart charts can be less effective. We will demonstrate how to use the CUSUM Control Chart platform and use average run length to assess the chart performance. The Model Driven Multivariate Control Chart (MDMCC) platform, new in JMP 15, was designed for users who monitor large amounts of highly correlated process variables. We will demonstrate how MDMCC can be used in conjunction with the PCA and PLS platforms to monitor multivariate process variation over time, give advanced warnings of process shifts and suggest probable causes of process changes.