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Pictures From the Gallery 5: Select Advanced Graph Builder Views (2020-EU-45MP-320)

Level: Beginner

Job Function: Analyst / Scientist / Engineer

Scott Lee Wise, Senior Manager, JMP Education Team, SAS


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The Pictures From the Gallery 5:



A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, and the visuals that can be created in JMP Graph Builder can be considered fine works of art in their ability to convey compelling information to the viewer! This journal presentation features how to build popular and captivating advanced graph views using JMP Graph Builder. Based on the popular Pictures From the Gallery journals, the Gallery 5 presentation and journal features new views available in the latest versions of JMP. We will feature several popular industry graph formats that you may not have known could be easily built within JMP. Views such ridgeline density plots, bag plots, informative box plots and more can help breathe life into your graphs and provide a compelling platform to help manage up your results.



- Pictures From the Gallery 5 JMP Journal (Includes Pictures, Instructions and Scripted Sample Data so you can learn, practice and replicate all the graph views from the gallery!)


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for redge plot, is it working for JMP Pro only or works for normal version? I cann't repeat it in v14 normal. 

@scwise could you please let me know which version works? thanks. 

Thank you for your note on JMP version requirements for the graph views in the Pictures from the Gallery 5.  As specified within the individual graph details deeper in the downloadable JMP Journal, a few of the views take advantage of new features JMP 15 while others can work in older versions (JMP 14 and earlier versions).

- Graph 1: Informative Box Plots - New JMP 15 Features for Box Plot Options

- Graph 2: Ridgeplot Densities - Ridgeplots are a New JMP 15 Feature

- Graph 3: Area Range Plots - Shading Area Ranges is JMP 14 Compliant

- Graph 4: Informative Point Plots - Point Jittering and Sizing is JMP 14 Compliant

- Graph 5: Bagplot with Outliers - Bagplot is a New JMP 15 Feature, Dummy Variables concept (Outlier Boxes on the Edges) is JMP 14 Compliant

- Graph 6: Components Effect Plot - Smoother Lines are JMP 14 Compliant

@scwise Thank you! I see why it's not working in my version 4.