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Level I

Measurement Systems Analysis for Curve Data (2020-EU-30MP-447)

Level: Intermediate


Astrid Ruck, Senior Specialist in Statistics, Autoliv
Chris Gotwalt, JMP Director of Statistical Research and Development, SAS, SAS
Laura Lancaster, JMP Principal Research Statistician Developer, SAS


Measurement systems analysis is a measurement process consisting not only of the measurement system, equipment and parts, but also the operators, methods and techniques involved in the entire procedure of conducting the measurements. Automotive industry guidelines such as AIAG [1] or VDA [4] investigate a one-dimensional output per test, but they do not describe how to deal with data curves as output. In this presentation, we take a first step by showing how to perform a gauge repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R) study using force vs. distance output curves. The Functional Data Explorer in JMP Pro is designed to analyze data that are functions such as measurement curves, as those which were used to perform this GR&R study.



Your study is a GRR on the overall stretch of the seat belt. You could split it into Initial, Medium and Final phases and run the analysis separately (including the FDE). This would reveal measurement system inhomogeneities, if present. We did this in similar tests which also had different time stretches by applying DTW.