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Level II

JMP(R) Pro: A Valuable Partner in the Journey From Laboratory (Valley) to Production (Top) (2020-EU-EPO-412)

Level: Intermediate


Simon Stelzig, Head of Product Intelligence, Lohmann


JMP, later JMP Pro was used to guide the development of a novel structural adhesive tape from initial experiments towards an optimized product ready for sale. The basis was a 7 component mixture design created by JMP’s custom design function. Unluckily, almost 40% of the runs could be formulated but not processed. Even with this crippled design predictions of processible optima for changing customer requests were possible using a new response and JMP’s model platform. A necessary augmentation of the DoE using the augment design function continuously increased the number of experiments, enabling fine-tuning of the model and finally the prediction of a functioning prototype tape and product. Switching from JMP to JMP Pro, within a follow-up project based on the original experiments, modelling became drastically more efficient and reliable using its better protection against poor modelling, as encountered not using the Pro version. The increasing number of runs and the capabilities from JMP Pro opened the way from classical DoE analysis towards the use of Machine Learning methods. This way, development speed has been increased even further, almost down to prediction and verification, in order to fulfill customer requests, falling in the vicinity of our formulation.

Editor's note: The presentation that @shs references at the beginning of his presentation is Using REST API Through HTTP Request and JMP Maps to Understand German Brewery Density (2020-EU-EPO-3...