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Introduction to JMP(R) Live: Use and Administration (2020-EU-TUT-529)

Level: Beginner


Brian Corcoran, JMP Director of Research and Development, SAS
Dieter Pisot, JMP Principal Application Developer, SAS
Eric Hill, JMP Distinguished Software Developer, SAS


You know the value of sharing insights as they emerge. JMP Live — the newest member of the JMP product family — reconceptualizes sharing by taking the robust statistics and visualizations in JMP and extending them to the web, privately and securely. If you'd like a more iterative, dynamic and inclusive path to showing your data and making discoveries, join us. We'll answer the following questions: What is JMP Live? How do I use it? How do I manage it? For background information on the product, see this video from Discovery Summit Tucson 2019 and the JMP Live product page.


JMP Live Overview (for Users and Managers) – Eric Hill

  • What is JMP Live?
  • Why use JMP Live?
  • Interactive publish and replace
    • What happens behind the scenes when you publish
  • Groups - From a user perspective
  • Scripted publishing
    • Stored credentials
    • API Key
    • Replacing reports

Setup and Maintenance (for JMP Live Administrators) – Dieter Pisot

  • Administering users and groups
  • Limiting publishing
  • Setting up JMP Live
    • Windows services
    • .env files
    • Upgrading
    • Applying a new license
  • Using Keycloak single sign-on

Installing and Setting up the Server (for IT Administrators) – Brian Corcoran

  • Choosing architectural configurations based on expected usage
  • Understanding SSL Certificates and their importance
  • Installing the JMP Live Database component
  • Installing the JMP Pro and JMP Live components on a separate server
  • Connecting JMP Live to the database
  • Testing installed configuration to make sure it is working properly