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From Data Swamps to Knowledge Pools: A Simple Solution to Curating Science and Engineering Knowledge (2020-EU-EPO-464)

Level: Beginner


Bernard McKeown, JMP Client Manager, SAS


Industries like banking, online retail and marketing are data rich. They have genuine "Big Data": huge volumes of homogenous data that can readily answer important business questions. Their challenge is to scale their analytics.


Science and engineering, especially Research and Development, has a very different problem. The data is small in volume, because it is expensive to collect. It is difficult to aggregate it into a single source, because different projects bear little relationship to each other.


These "small data silos" present a different challenge: one of curating these knowledge pools to enable agility, speed and efficiency. By doing this companies can:


- Speed products to market by leveraging their existing knowledge, instead of wasting time and effort repeating what has already been done.

- Fix problems faster downstream, because process knowledge becomes readily accessible across functions.

- Reduce time wasted writing long reports that nobody reads or on a “Big IT Project” that nobody needs.


In this paper I will discuss how JMP Live can be used as a simple solution to curate knowledge into pools from experiments in a scientific or engineering organisation.