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Automated Updates of JMP(R) Live Reports (2020-EU-30MP-501)

Level: Beginner


Dieter Pisot, JMP Principal Systems Engineer, SAS
Stan Koprowski, JMP Senior Systems Engineer, SAS


Data changes, and so do your JMP Live reports. Typical data changes that involve additional observations or modifications to columns of data necessitate updates to published reports. With the first scenario, an existing report might need to be recalculated to reflect the new observations or rows of data that are used in the report. A second option is when you want to restructure the underlying data by adding or removing columns of information that are used in the report. With both situations you must update your report on a regular basis. In this paper we will provide practical examples of how to organize JSL scripts that facilitate the replacement of an existing JMP Live report with a current version. Prior to the live demonstration, we will discuss all key security protocols, including protecting credentials needed to connect to JMP Live. The code presented are designed to be reused and shared with anyone who has a need to publish or replace a JMP Live report on a predefined time interval, such as hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. With some basic JSL knowledge you can easily adopt them for your automated updates to any of your other existing JMP Live reports. Not a coder? No worries, we've got your back. Additionally, we will provide a JMP add-in that schedules the publishing of a new report or the publishing of a replacement report for those with little JSL knowledge using a wizard-based approached.