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テストの出題パターンを検出する_賴 又誠(2022-JA-25MP-12)




Applied Materials

Customer Quality Engineer Yuchen Lai(賴 又誠)

Customer Quality Engineer Wayne Chou

To utilize several JMP 16 platforms to study exam patterns among teammates. Hierarchical Clustering Analysis used to group the students with similar answering patterns across questions. Cell Plot analysis across questions, narrow down scope. Contingency Table Chi- Square Test and Further Contingency Table Chi-Square Test to test the probability of teammates activities. Through pairing comparison, detect teammates have less than 0.001% chance to defend themselves not violating the exam policy.




Yuchen is a customer quality engineer from Applied Materials Corp. Yuchen had been a SEMI CVD customer engineer for 10 years and quality experience for 5 years. Yuchen's research focus is on continue improvement for management process.
Yuchenはアプライド マテリアルズのカスタマー・クオリティ・エンジニアである。SEMI CVDのカスタマーエンジニアとして10年、品質管理者として5年の経験を持つ。研究テーマは、管理プロセスの継続的改善。