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Dec 8, 2016

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Image Research of Corporate Logo Design Using Multivariate Analysis

(English follows Japanese)


公立大学法人首都大学東京 システムデザイン学部
研究生(大学) 鈴木 洋子


今回は企業ロゴを例に取り上げます。新旧さまざまな企業のロゴを因子分析を用いてイメージを抽出し、クラスター分析によりグループに分けました。さらに、具象、抽象、ロゴタイプといったグラフィックデザインから見たロゴの特徴と合わせて分析します。 個人、企業に関わらず、デザインはよく分からない,と思っていらっしゃる方々のご参考になれば幸いです。


Image Research of Corporate Logo Design Using Multivariate Analysis

Yoko Suzuki, Research Student, Faculty of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University


Choosing a design is a difficult process, isn't it? Designs play an important part in our lives, for everything from our personal daily lives in our vehicles, clothing, and interior decorating, to corporate strategies and product development. Generally speaking, image research on corporate designs has not been made public. I would like to conduct research on design at university and make the results public. I use statistical methods to achieve more objective results. In this presentation, I will provide examples of corporate logos. I have extracted images of a variety of both old and new corporate logos using factor analysis, and grouped them using cluster analysis. I also analyze them together with the features of the logos from a graphic design perspective: concrete, abstract and logo type. I would love for those who don't really understand design to participate, whether individuals or corporations.
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