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Making an Easy Button for Data Access (2022-EU-30MP-1049)

Hadley Myers, JMP Systems Engineer, SAS
Peter Hersh, Sr Global Technical Enablement Engineer, JMP


Accessing data is often a very time-consuming and aggravating step of the data workflow. It can delay the implementation of solutions or allow problems to persist undetected, often with disastrous consequences. Why can’t someone create an “easy button” for data access, allowing you to pick your data source and filter down to what you want? Could it be used to combine data from multiple sources, if needed, and even automate reporting so that issues are flagged immediately rather than at the end of a lengthy and tedious “data munging” exercise? In this talk, we show how to create an interface from JMP’s application builder utilizing SQL, and then build a WebAPI example from scratch. The methods shown could also be equally applied to data stored in other formats. The final application will make data access as easy and fast as pushing a button.


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