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Grace, Regeneration and Connection

Craig Foster, Filmmaker, Naturalist and Founder Sea Change Project


What does grace have to do with analytic best practices? What does regeneration have to do with World Water Day? And what does Craig Foster know about connections? Everything! Known for his film, My Octopus Teacher, Foster shares his story of overcoming adversity and finding beauty in unexpected places. It’s a message of hope and of opportunity...a welcome message for the times.


After the presentation, Jordan Hiller asked Craig Foster questions submitted by Discovery Summit presentation attendees.


Craig Foster's film, My Octopus Teacher, is commercially available for streaming. Pippa Ehrlich, James Reed and Craig Foster won the Best Documentary Feature 93rd Oscar Award in 2021 for the film. This free short video describes a bit about the effort.


For more, see Jordan Hiller's Blog on Q&A with Craig Foster.