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Materials for Creating Effective Visualisations Using Graph Builder

This pre-conference developer tutorial at JMP Discovery Summit is a half-day hands-on workshop. We cover Graph Builder basic and advanced topics plus combining graphs with Application Builder.

  • GBBooklet.pdf: The course hand-out, including App Builder instructions and Graph Builder galleries.
  • XG_GraphBuilder.pptx: slides for the basic introduction
  • Graph Builder Tutorial Scripts and files to recreate the galleries
  • AppBuilderTutorial.jmpapp: Guided tour of App Builder, open file in JMP 12 and refer to GBBooklet.pdf for details



Anything that helps expand the scope of Graph Builder is good idea.

Wish there was a way to really created nested variance components graphs like the Variability Plot which JMP labels as gauge study tool.

It is much more than that...and first visualization tool used for decades in first look at DOE results or in EDA studies of factories with multiple products, lots, wafers, die and process tools at each step. 

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