With JMP® 12, Correspondence Analysis Goes to Multiple

Yves Gueniffey, Assistant Professor, École des Mines de Nancy

Correspondence analysis, single and multiple (CA and MCA), is a well-known method among statisticians trained in the "French school" of data analysis. Developed in the 1960s by Jean-Paul Benzécri and his team, it took some time before being accepted by our Anglo-Saxon colleagues; for example, PROC CORRESP appeared only with SAS® 6, released in the 1990s. With the current version of JMP (11.2.0), we have only single correspondence analysis, hidden in the options available in the Contingency Analysis platform. JMP 12 will offer a new platform that will enable us to perform correspondence analysis, single and multiple, with (almost) all options and aids in the interpretation of the results that the French statisticians are accustomed to. I'm going to have a look at this new platform in my presentation.

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