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Angling, Wrangling, and Untangling Data

John Sall, Founder and Chairman, JMP
Julian Parris, Director, Research & Development, JMP
Andrea Coombs, Senior Systems Engineer, JMP
Michael Hecht, Principal Systems Developer, JMP
Michael Goff, Sr Software Developer, JMP


Preparing data for analysis is said to be 90% of the work in data analytics...and it is especially important to have good tools to make this process efficient. Luckily, JMP includes a suite of features to assist with removing complexities from your data and transforming it to fit your problem, allowing you to focus on innovation, experimentation, and discovery.


Best of all, these tools are enhanced with each release. John Sall will be joined by Julian Parris, Andrea Coombs, Michael Hecht, and Michael Goff (just some of the skilled software developers and statisticians at JMP) as they explore ways to angle, wrangle, and untangle YOUR data using JMP.