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Hurrah! I Just Finished My Measurement Systems Analysis. Now What Do I Do With It? (2022-US-45MP-1122)

Jason Wiggins, Sr. Systems Engineer, JMP
Jerry Fish, Sr. Systems Engineer, JMP


Most of us know the old expression, “Garbage In = Garbage Out.”  This expression is critical when applied to systems that we use to measure outputs on the production line or in the lab. After all, if we can’t adequately measure an output, then how can we expect to control or improve it?


A Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) is an exercise that can help us understand both current gauge performance as well as set strategies for using the gauge in a lab, manufacturing line, etc. It can also help determine whether to improve or replace the gauge. Since it requires a monetary and time investment to complete, this talk focuses on getting the most out of this investment.


The presentation goes beyond traditional Gage R&R tools, showing how to apply GR&R and EMP results to visualize gauge performance and to establish guidelines for appropriate use of a gauge. Gauge performance curves will be introduced as a visualization tool. Deployment guidelines will include EMP gauge assessments and spec limit guard banding. The background stories, anecdotes, recommendations and cautionary tales are based on experiences (successes and failures) over many decades developing and improving measurements systems.  An introduction to a new JMP add-in that supports this extended analysis is included.



@Jason_Wiggins @JerryFish  Thanks for the sharing. is it possible to post JMP add in? 

Hi szdaizha, The add-in should be attached now. Please let me know if you can see it. I had uploaded the add-in and verified the upload prior so very interested if new upload stays put.


Great presentation and demonstration guys!


Thank you


Great presentation and addin, thanks for sharing!