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Tutorial - JMP® Projects: A New Way to Organize Your Work in JMP® 14 (US 2018 404)

Aaron Anderson, JMP Principal Software Developer, SAS



Many JMP users have experienced an interactive JMP session that left them with many windows and analyses reports opened all at once. While using JMP in this "floating window mode" may work for many, there are situations where having a tabbed interface is preferred. Users also may want to associate certain files with an analysis project and not have the full list afforded by the Home Window. For these reasons, we created the JMP project in JMP 14. Projects provide a single document interface to JMP, a tabbed, re-configurable work space, a place to bookmark files and a window list that lets the user easily navigate various open windows, data tables, scripts and more, as well as launch supporting files like PDFs and PPT documents. Projects can also be used to quickly open and close many files associated with one or more individual analysis activities, and can be used to keep parallel projects separate where in the past you may have needed to run multiple JMP sessions. Finally, projects in JMP 14 can also give you an easy way to share and collaborate on work with their archiving functionality.