Activity-Based Intelligence: Discovering the Unknown and Resolving Entities Through Behavior Analysis - Best Contributed Paper

Editor's Note: This paper was selected as the Best Contributed Paper by the attendees at JMP Discovery Summit 2016.

Patrick Biltgen, PhD, Technical Director for Analytics, Vencore

Activity-based intelligence (ABI) is a new methodology for intelligence analysis that uses spatially enabled “big data” to enhance national security. ABI methods – developed for counterterrorism – are being applied to a broad spectrum of intelligence issues. Increasingly, analysts are being challenged to think statistically and integrate multiple types of data to understand complex human behaviors over space and time. This presentation will demonstrate how JMP is used as a tool to visually explore data across space and time. We demonstrate how the linked data aspects of JMP allow an intelligence analyst to seamlessly move between spatial and statistical views, dynamically filtering data to understand patterns and trends. The intuitive graphical interface in JMP lets analysts ask questions to discover previously unknown entities (people, vehicles), correlate activities across data sets, and develop interactive “spatial stories” that describe complex activities in the human dimension. Although these methods are used by government intelligence analysts, the presenter will demonstrate public domain examples from commercial marketing and the Internet of Things to illustrate basic principles and stimulate discussion about how these methods can be cross-fertilized with techniques in other disciplines.

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